Saturday, December 20, 2008

PENA AZRA:: Wedding Invitation-3 in 1-Oh Gosh!!

Hi all,

Another story to be shared.
I have 3 wedding invitation as for the same day - that will be on 28th December 2008 (sunday).
The 3 wedding invitation are from;

1) Wanie's brother - Wanie is my school close fren - we used to b in the same class for 3 years at SMSS and also same lecture at KMJ - her family and mine is also known to each other - the family fren - so I must attend this wedding

2) Kak Azwa - my ex-roomate when we are at our first year degree at Kolej Rahim Kajai, UKM - we are so so close to each other the whole year being rumets~ - lots of good and bad time cherished together - attending her wedding is a must!

3) Kak As - she's me ex-colleage during my short period working at TopGlove Group at banting - a production company before I transfer to my present job - even tough we known each other in a short period of time, we are quite close that moment - she's a nice person to be with - n i must attend her wedding too or else she will going to 'merajuk'..haha~

So this my big2 matter - a rushing day where I have to plan well and make sure I will be in each event ni matter how.

Well, my plan is;
First, Go to Kak As Wedding at Banting
Then go to Kak Azwa wedding at Putrajaya - I want to be there at the moment she's showing on the 'Pelamin'/ Bersanding event!
Then finally together with my family we will go to Wani's brother wedding.

Huh, what a tiring day~
What most important, I want to makes them happy and share the happiness of their wedding by hoping I will deserving mine too~ =)

See ya Sunday! Cheese~ xp
p/s: Tak sabarnye nak kawen gak..huu~

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