Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enjoy Lagi~

Today I finished up all my task even earlier than usual. I went back earlier after work- at 2.30pm.

Hello, my present work is a flexible office time, such thing when u done with your work then you may off work as early as 2pm.

Today's my joy day again.

I heading for the Mines plan for movie-watching. Good attempt to clear out my messy mind.

With my UKM fren, Today I watched the film 'The day the earth stood still'.

A screen play by my favourite star, Keanu Reeves. I looking forward to watch this movie since the first day it us showing on the cinema. N today my wish come true =)

1hr 45min duration - the plot is quite ok but the story overally I can say some sort of 'heavy' story to watch.

After the movie, I have some karaoke session. 5 songs for deal. Chill babe~

Picture: My fav hero, Keanu Reeves

Oh yea tomorrow I gonna follow my family to Pahang for a relative wedding.

Only his year I attended n gonna attend 10++ wedding. Does it makedsany sign or me?well, forget it~ kidding anyway,hee~ ;>

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