Saturday, December 27, 2008

My New Rings~ =)

Another precious glorious stories of mine.

Alamanda - Saturday - 27th December 2008.

I own my new ring~ Hee~ Syioknye!

Mama bought a 916 (pure) gold ring for me, from 1 of the famous jewels outlet in Alamanda.

Thanks Mama, love you forever! --<3

N i just learnt n discovered 1 thing, 1 fact. My finger size is 10 1/2 or the most 11! So i keep this an experience or i shud say reference in the future. Oh please i know u know what i mean. The wedding. Ihik. Malu. ;p

I love my new ring. Love. Love. Love.

Here I show you the new ring of mine.

That's it. 1,2,3 hold. Ok2, i am joking. this is not the ring of mine.

I couldn't upload the photo(s) (even though i have snapped couples of pictures of my new ring) here at my blog, to prevent any unexpected inconvenience or in other note, to retain the security of the ring and the lord of the ring - me.

Takut yang berniat jahat bisa merompak harta kesayangan ku ini. Aduhh. Mohon dijauhkan!!

Mirror-mirror hanging on the world,
Whose twinkling ring is that?

Mirror: The ring is belong to you my dear
The ring is belong to you..

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