Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bowling on 1 fine Saturday

Place of event: Alamanda.

Time of event: 4-6pm, Saturday, 27th December 2008.

Today we the family out for a bowling tournament. Opps. Not A tournament actually. It was just a out-for-fun event.

Oh yes it quite some times since we were out for bowling. The last time we used to play bowling i remembered was around August, few weeks before Ramadhan - at The Mines.

There are 5 of us -

1) Ayah - player entitled as ZACK
2) Mama - player entitled as RAMLAH
3) Me - player entitled as ZERA
4) Azrie - player entitled as AZRI
5) Ajiq the 4 year-old-lil boy - CHEER LEADER N THE ONLY CHEERER OF THE DAY~

Make it 1 game per person (tho i bet it will not that satisfying), we took for about 2 hours until we finished the game - we can even make it for 1 hour for real - it was delayed due to some distractions from the cheer leader. Gosh.

N here are the score board. (Sorry the score is keep prohibited to consider the sensitivity of each player)

1st Winner - Zack. Congrat dad. I know u deserved it. Please get your prize at the organizer table.

2nd Winner - Zera. It's Me. Oh yeah, oh yeah! =)

3rd Winner - Mama. Good try. Try again next year.

Loser. Ihik. - Azrie. Keep trying boy. Losing is the beginning of the winning.

Good bye Saturday.

I wish for another game with pals n peeps.



tna said...

beshhnyer berxtvt ngn family..
so kewl!!!!!

RoSe N' ChOc said...


chillz glerz..