Monday, February 14, 2011

Loved Ones.

Hye all.

Loved ones. Nope. I'm not gonna write about 'loved one' yang awak2 sume pike tuh. These loved ones is those stuff I loved very much. Sayer ingin share apa yang saya sayang sangat in this bloggie.

Well guyz wait for it ya. Saya bukan nyer jenis mudah utk share dgn uols every single things dat too me itz private tp tetibe rase nak share..Heee.. ;)

Tunggu n lihat. Okey okey okey. *wink2*

Gambar hiasan jew...hihi...

With Love,
Lady Zera


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Dear all..long tyme no c larh kan! N now.......i'm back. :)
Its been a long long tyme since I havent jot down ere. Lame sungguh. Lame x singgah my beloved bloggie nih. Well in fact itz 2 much to write around ere, too much to share. Rinduu. Sgt2 rinduu.

Well, saya menyepikan diri wat sekalian lamanye, its for reason. Actly I do have lotza stories and thoughts but I MISSED to share it here. Times take me to c n think, to cheer n rest, to smile n get better.

Thank You Allah for keep me the right way, the right intuition.


Well, m hoping so much that I nevva late to wish u guys A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 (even though its already feb hehe). may this year wil b a great2 year..

And..also. Hepy BESDAY 2 ME. Thanks mom me had gimme a born to this world.

"Dear Allah, I wished for greater happiness, success, calmness, strength, luck, gud health, God-blessing n all gud things in my life, for the years ahead.. May all my dreams cum true..aminnnnn.. " (>_<)

With Love,
Lady Zera