Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Global Economic Crisis Vs Personal Crisis

I am attracted to jot down something here..

I received 2 sms from a fren of mine,

one says (received on 24th Dec 2008),

"Berita harian ms31 - 25 juta hilang kerja pada 2010 - jumlah pengangguran global dijangka cecah paras tertinggi akhir 2009. - sudahkah anda bersedia.."

another one says this way (received on 23rd Nov 2008),

"Salam, 4749 bakal diberhentikan oleh 102 majikan bermula jan-mac 09 berikutan mslh ekonomi, inilah masa utk bantu tunjuk pluang pd kwn2. Harian metro 21-102, utusan muka dpn hari ini."

N yet more than that, almost each newspaper written this current matter. The radio talks this kind of matter too.

N this stuff makes me think hard. Is that bad the economic crisis? This is such a serious matter. How's the next generation are gonna face this. N luckily our autorithy attempted to take some action to encounter with this problem. But that doesn't help much.

The thing is we have to increase our self-quality, compete to the best among the rest, n thankful to what u have now. Hargai rezeki yang ada.

At least I shud thank Allah for His blessing to give me a chance to be working. =)

Be thankful. What ever chance comes to you, be wise to accept other than whining up.

Don't be selfish. Help frens. Those jobless frens. Remember sharing is caring.

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