Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PENA AZRA:: Dr. William's Treat

Today is again the lucky day. Somebody's treating! Upon the long break Christmast Eve, Dr. William or so-called Papa William (by us-Me,Yana, Kak Wan, Tna ;p) is intended to treat us for lunch meal.

Picture: Putrajaya Clubhouse

Guess where? At Putrajaya Lake Club / Putrajaya Clubhouse, Presint8. N without doubt, we agreely accept the invitation. Who refuse when sum2 offering u a meal treat, aite?

12.30pm- Out of our office
12.45pm- Arrive Lake Ckub - Order severals menu as much as possible (heheh)
1.00pm - Meals served - Eat to the last bit!
2.00pm - Done with the meals! Kenyangg! ;p
2.25pm - Returning to office

1) Dr.William - Treater
2) Pn. Aslahiah - Meal Advicer
3) Me - Tukang makan
4) Yana - Tukang makan
5) Kak wan - Tukang makan
6) Tina - Tukang makan
7) Cyber - Tukang Makan - the last person to finish up all his meal,aiya!

Picture: Amongts the faces of who included in this meal-treat!

The Full-Covered-Round-Big-Table Meals were;
1) Our individual juice
2) The tomyam (Big Pot)
3) Chicken Sweet N' Sour - eventually replacing the non-available Siakap Fish we wanna have firstly
4) Grill Chicken - Thai's Cooking
5) Lala - I forgot the cooking, bcz it's pronounced in Chinese term, but it is cooked with chili n some special sauce, n a bit oyster sauce.
6) Butter Fried Prawn
7) Mix Vege

See how lot we eat, I even had stomachache because overeating! hehe~

Thanks to Papa William for the treat - hope to have it again next time! ;p ;)

Picture: View of Putrajaya Clubhouse

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