Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Resolutions~

Dear bloggerz,

Happy New Year 2009 again.

Thinking of this new coming 2009, reminds me to the past.

2008 and years backward.

Did all my resolutions n wish of past years fulfilled?

So far I am so satisfied of my life these past new years except for certain thing.

Yes certain thing,

certain mission,

certain hope and wish,

I couldn't afford to fulfill.



These things are no such a big deal anyway.

But i couldn't walk straight n smile because of these no-big deal.

And here was come 2009.

*Smile and sigh*

I will.

To get over all this.

I will.

To make all my dreams come true.

I will.

To fulfill my resolution.

Please God, help me with this. Aminn~


::My 2009 Resolutions::

1 - (cannot be displayed, restricted)

2 - (cannot be displayed, restricted)

3 - (cannot be displayed, restricted)

4 - (cannot be displayed, restricted)

5 - (cannot be displayed, restricted)

6 - I wish that all my dreams above come true.

7 - Of course to be a better person ever after.

Hey pals, sorry I don't know somehow few of my resolutions couldn't be displayed.

Oh yes, maybe they we traced as private and confidential. Restricted to be shared to others.

What so ever lah.

All I hope is all my dreams come true.

True and meaningful.

Get ready for this?

Yes I do.

Thank You and Welcome to year towards triumph.


Azra @ Zera

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