Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hye fellow readers,

I'l be away for a seminar (organized by my employer ministry) at A Famosa Resort, Melacca for 5 days-4 nights. Just know bout this on Monday. Lambat tol notify. Huhh~

Mad -> My well-planned agendas on this coming weekend is ruined out.
Excited -> This seminar a kinda vacation in work tho~ Wishing n planning for the water-world bath too~ =p
Nervous -> This seminar attended by Big Top People of the Ministry~

Okay, so for this coming few days I will not be able to update my blog. So see ya after the come back.

Will upload few photos of the A Famosa Resory 'vacation in work'.. Hee~

Jaa ne~

The Resort.

A Famosa Water World

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