Saturday, January 31, 2009

Underworld: The Rise of Lycans

Arini (Friday) i watched tis muvie right after work with Norul.

Actually, bile muvie ni come out with trailler for the first time when i used to watch previous muvie before ni, da cm teruja da nak tengok nanti.


ditambah dengan recommendation dr Ayu yang mengatakan this film sangat2 best.

I agreed wif her. Ayu neva fail to rate movie. When she said this particular movie is interesting, then she meant it. Not dissapointed when I discover that movie memang best.

Macam yang Ayu recommend movie Twilight gak. Sampai bersungguh2 aku cari time nak tengok tis movie.

Oh yes, back to the point.

Seriously this movie memang best. I bet ya. BEST!

i din' watched the last sequel of this movie; UNDERWORLD & UNDERWORLD:REVOLUTION.

tapi still enjot this movie.

And the ending of tis movie mmg tunjuk akan ade continuation.

Tak sabar nak tunggu next sequel. =)

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