Monday, January 12, 2009

Youth Malysia '09

Last Sunday aku gi Youth Malaysia ’09 yang berlangsung kat PWTC from 9-11 Jan 2008. But eventually I went on the last day of even – Sunday of 11th Jan.

Tak ramai sebenarnya yang tahu psl event ni sebab it is not commercially promoted not even in any radio n TV (as far as I concern la, but I guess it shud be advertised on the TV n Radio, perhaps I din realize it).

Only those people who alerts most wud aware bout tis event. Aku pn dapat tau bled pt advertisement from my email.

Youth Malaysia ’09 actually is a national event organized by Ministry of Youth & Sport and involve a lot of big famous companies and agencies.

It is and event to assemble teens to participate in such many interesting activity, face out active challenges.

Ade workshop, discussion, outdoor contest, lucky draw, career talk n booth, celebrity corner n much more activities.

N banyak la booth2 n gerai2 yg jual barang n exhibit pelbagai produk n hasil2 kreatif remaja2 n belia2.

Ade gak many booth of big agencies yg exhibit n organize fun activity mcm Petronas, TM, Jobstreet,,, Utusan, Celcom, Karangkraf etc.

The most famous event, the most look-forward performance I ever want to watch was the Battle of the Band and Street Dance Challenge.

Aku orang music & entertainment dan berjiwa music & entertainment so kinda attracted to this sort of thingy. Sgt2 enjoy n fun to watch it especially the Street Dance. Feel like dancing along with them.

And yang sonok lagi time dpt jmpe celebrities. Tak sempat bergamba dgn sume celebrities anyway. Huu~

All of all, I can say here amongst the big activity from the Event are;

- Battle of the Band (BOTB)

- Street Dance Challenge

- Basketball Challenge

- Futsal

- Grafitti

- Career Outlook

- Wall-climbing

- Lucky draw

- Celebrity corner

- Fashion Show by celebrities

- Dance Workshop

- Muslim Youth Workshop and Discussion

- Yoyo Show

- Artistic & Creative Exhibition

- Etc

Well aku smpt la snap few picta at the event, maklum la gadis yg suke amek gambar kate kn.huu~

Bawah ni gamabr2 tu, meh usher meh.


Youth Malaysia 09

Me n Huda.


Huda. Thanx for the accompany.


The Crowd.
(Ade mamat x-pax 2 or neh sempat lak curi2 masuk dlm gmbr aku, cehh)

Grafitti #1

Grafitti #2

Grafitti #3
(Serius lawa dorang wat neh)

Grafitti #4

Grafitti #5
(Cantik kan??)

Bro ni ngah wat grafitti.

~Let Colour Your Life~
(The Grafitti)

First show yg kitorang tengok sampai2 tu ialah Street Dance Challenge~

Memang layan abess!!

Rase nk dance skali je kt ctu tgk dorg ni dance on stage tu.

This is the first group performed.

2nd street dance contestant.

3rd street dance contestant.

4th street dance contestant.

5th street dance contestant.

6th street dance contestant.

7th street dance contestant - he introduced himself with name 'Monkey'. Hikhik. =)

8th street dance contestant.

9th street dance contestant.

10th street dance contestant.

11th street dance contestant.

12th street dance contestant.

13th street dance contestant.

After that, we gurlz watch BOTB performance.
Final stage.

BOTB Crowd.

Antara event yg lain ade kt Youth Msia ni ialah basketball tournament.

Dan caged futsal.

Ade wall-climbing.

Manuskrip K.A.M.I~

The owl - short film.

The owl - stuff.

The owl #3

The owl #4. Comel giler stuff dorg ni.

Photo corner. Gambar sume chantek2 n unik2.

This is an art called plaster doll.

Kat cni ade gk celebrity session.

Jue Evans. And...

Me and the celebrities. Ni je yg sempat bergambar. Yang lain x sempat. Adehh~

Azra Evans and Jue Evans~ Hikhik =p

Adam wat perfrmance after fashion show.

Juri fashion show.
(Imrain Ajmain, Rizal n someone from

Imran Ajmain.

Fashion Show.
Noni n psgn.

Shawal AF5.



Adam n Dafi. (Both Jambu Guy.haha)

Dafi n pasangan.

Ebi AF5 n psgn.


Oooopss...Artis mane lak ni??

Gerai2 yg dibuka.

This is an art called sticker doll lak. Kreatif kan?

Dah abess...

Kesimpulannya, best gak la tengok n cuci mata kt Youth Malaysia ni.


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