Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Famosa Chilling~

Hye peeps~

In previous entry, I'v jotting sumthng on, telling i am going to A Famosa Resort upon my work business.

It's actually the URS Module that includes several clusters (5) from MOSTI and an establish company which hold the tender of desinging n establishing the fund management system for MOSTI.

It was held on last 13th-18th Jan 09.

This 5days-5nites off I go, or so-called (by me) the Vacation-in-Work-Package is so worth to experience.

Bcz we cherish our time perfectly not just attending the module but also din miss the oppurtunity of exploring the whole A Famosa Resort Area n do kinda activities that we enjoyed to the fullest!

*Wink* *Wink*

Hey, the pohotos will be uploaded later.

Wait ya...



KDEE said...


RoSe N' ChOc said...

yup..mmg besh..

picta will be uploaded later..

tnggu... =p

addyaholix said...

saya baru balik dari genting.
yang ramai cuma cina-cina yang datang untuk berjudi.

RoSe N' ChOc said...

genting mmg.

kan org ckp pusat maksiat.

kite g sane pun utk bersuka-ria je.

bukan berjudi k.

p/s: A Famosa pn ade tempat judi gk. name pn port cina.