Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunway Pyramid

Hye peeps!

Last Saturday I spent my day hanging out with Norul and Huda at Sunway Pyramid.

We spent all day intently-shopping, windows shopping, sight-seeing and watch movie - Yes Man.

8 hours of being in the huge mall did tell how EXHAUSTED but AMUSED & JOYED we were.

And let the pictures tell the stories of how we spent out our leisure that Saturday! =)


This is us.

sunway pyramid centre court

cm petaling street lak..

felt like to ride on this. i wish i am 5 years old way back. ;p

the drinks~

before anything, we had our meals at JJ food court. Some1 wuz so so hungry by the time we reach Sunway Pyramid - that wuz Huda.

Hey, I prefer Nasi Paprik after all~

After lunch, we watch people ice-skating. Wish to have this too, but no enuf time for tis since we plan for some shopping after that~

Exciting view of people ice-skating~

This is a picture of a couple hands-hold-ice skating (circled one). Sweet kan?
But finally the girl seems exhausted after dozens minutes of skating.
(Heheh, sempat curi amek gambar)

This is another sweet couple. (Gambar curik gak) ;p

This guy was so GOOD in skating, skillful n experts. Cool~
(heh, gambar curik lagi, seb bek tak kantoi!)

This kid is the obvious kiddie who performed the best!
Respek giler dk kecik ni, terer seyh..

After observing people ice-skating, we watch a CLOWN show.
He tells some jokes and makes some simple but work-out magics.
Can you ever find the clown inside the photo?
He really adapting the environment~ ;p

The 2 babes who'r accompanying me~ Thanks palz! =)

With Huda.

Da' 3 of Us.
(Norul terselit kt tengah2, silap teknik amek gambar,hikhik)

Sunway Pyramid.
-The beatiful scenary from upper floor.

Jaa ne~ Awaiting for the next stop~

=) =D =p =>


norul suhada said...

uwaaa...jeles lak aku tgk org skating..
next time make sure kite plak yang skating eh..

RoSe N' ChOc said...


takde hal...

aku pn mmg da psg plan nk skating..

kite skating smbl berpegang tgn k..haha~