Monday, January 26, 2009

HaPpY BirThDaY DeaResT AjiQ!!

Happy 5th birthday my dearest bro - Ajiq.

You are no more our baby boy - but a growing up lil boy ever kay dear? ;D

May all happiness + joy + wisdom + triumph always surround you for the rest of years! =)

I'l always pray for u,

n the most important thing u'l always b may super duper cutest lil bro!! Ihik.

Love ya' to the fullest. LOVE. Love. LOVE. --{-@


The celebration day.

Date & day: Fine Monday (CNY) 26th Jan '09
Venue: Midvalley + The Mines
Participant: Ayah, Mama, Me, Zizie, Azrie n the bday boy Ajiq. (Along was not wif us, takpe along next year we will altogether kay?) =)

Some pictas.

Bday boy. Hey, what kind of face is that huh? ;p

see? eventually he'd turned 5. but he still acting babyish.
only bcz he's the youngest, n he's the baby, he'd got pampered all ways??!

i wish u wud become real 5 years-old kid at the moment u turning 5. kay dear lil bro?u will, i knoe. ;p

Side picta:
Midvalley tak pernah kalah sebagai shopping mall paling busy n crowded dgn lautan manusia, rite?

To my beloved Ajiq, hepy besday honey.. =) =)


phikool thong said...

ckp hepy burfday kat dye jgak =]

LaDy_ZeRa said...