Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nanti Dulu...


Jangan pergi dulu.
Betul mahu tinggalkan aku?
Macam mana pun aku cakap jangan pergi ,kau tetap akan tinggalkan aku,kan?
Tapi, jangan pergi dulu boleh?
*tak boleh*
Kenapa tak boleh?
*tak boleh la*

February betul2 mahu tinggalkan aku.
Kali ini betul2.
No more delay.
Tak puas hati!
*Sebab ape?*
Ntah, sebab tak puas bersama kau February. Padahal kau yang paling aku suka. Tau tak?
Bulan February kali ni aku takde weekend. Bulan February paling pack, paling sesak nafas.
Paling terkejar-kejar.
Paling banyak catatan n coretan hidup.
Paling banyak warwar.
Paling banyak kisah.
Paling banyak agenda.

2 hari lepas my biggest agenda in which I had get thru it afterall.n soooo..relief to accomplish the mission! and 1 thing is, dad's birthday falls on this day.
3rd weekend - Pangkor matter
2nd weekend - Janda Baik matter
1st weekend - Birthday celebration, hooray! (this is the only weekend I joyed off)
7 Feb - My Birthday
16 Feb - Birthday my bro Zizie
24 Feb - Birthday ayah. n my biggest agenda took place!
The whole February - Work matter. Of course, keje yang melambak2!!


Tomorrow, another weekend.
Again I'm not around.
This time off to Langkawi.
For my office Retreat (SKT and Team Building) + cuti2 Malaysia.
Glad, glad la. Sonok2 gak. Langkawi mari. Lagipun dah lama tak jejak kaki ke Langkawi. So quite excited gak la. Paling penting mau shopping chocolate!!!!! My obsession!!! Yummy choc!

Disebabkan kesibukan yang melampau on this beloved February, I miss and ruin lot of my planning;

1) Janji nak bawak my bro Azrie tengok movie Geng:Upin Ipin. Terpaksa kansel. Malam tadi gi Alamanda pun ticket out of sale! Frust..last2 kami makan wafer je mengubat hati yg frust. So I promise to bring him along next week je. Tu pun harap2 ade lagi movie on cinema.

2) Hang out ngan Kak Liyana Fariha. Kak Liya is my UKM senior. And this gonna be our first hang out since we are not meeting each other the last time in 2007. Supposed to meet up tonite. Tapi terpaksa cancel last minute. Coz i think i couldn't make it. I need to clear out my work task today cz tomorrow not going to work, off for Langkawi. Sorry Kak Liya, promise make it next week k? tq..

3) Kuar ngan Mai. Aritu plan kuar on Valentine, Feb 14th. Tapi last2 minit kena follow Mama gi Janda Baik. SO cancel la. Sorry Mai. We will schedule for next time k?

4) Lepak2 ngan kawan2 terdekat. Dah lama tak lepak dgn kawan2, geng2 UKM, KMJ n SMSS. Tapi bcz i have no weekend this month, sorry for not able for it. Biasa memang every weekend, sure aku akan keluar. Movie ke. Bowling ke. Makan2 ke. Shopping ke. And mcm2. Tapi this month, sorry...

5) Redeem my free movie ticket. Bcz my birthday kan bulan ni, so as GSC member ley redeem ticket free (for * movie only). Tapi usahkan nak redeem, nak gi tengok wayang pun tak sempat2. Aish lama suda tak tengok wayang. Desperate nak tengok wayang ni..hehe. last movie i tengok cite Pink Panther 2 on 9th Feb wif Huda, Norul n Qila.

6) Give big contribution untuk orang kat rumah. Bese aku akan wat banyak gak keja2 rumah (sebagai seorang pmpuan), tolong Mama n Ayah etc. Tp bulan ni mmg tak menyumbang sangat. Malam2 kena study sket, tu pun after penat balik keja. Sorry sgt Mama n Ayah....After this when everythng back to normal (ceh, cm serius je bunyi,hehe) I'l give my full effort to that k syg Mami Dedi!! =) =)

7) Continue novel yg sedang dibaca. Serius bulan ni tak sempat baca even 1 page. Nak tengok DVD yg baru beli pun tak sempat2 lagi. Adoyai. Takpe tnggu la I da free sket.....haha

8) Banyak peristiwa aku nak update dalam blog ni. Tapi tak sempat menyempat. Takpe tnggu je la nanti bila tiba waktu yg sempat tu.

That's some of the plot.

Apa2 pun February tetap akan pergi.
Jangan sedih, March akan ada. Ada beza ke March n February.
Ok, kali ni aku betul2 bersedia dan kena bersedia.

Tunggu saja untuk next post yang aku tulis. Pasti sudah masuk bulan March. Moga bulan March tak sesesak February. Kesian February.. (sebenarnya kesian pada diri aku sendiri.huu)

Ok jumpa lagi February tahun depan. Nanti aku akan layan dengan kasih sayang. Macam mana aku anggap kau macam kasih sayang.


Coretan di atas hanya coretan hati semata-mata. Tiada kena mengena dengan hati dan perasaan siapa-siapa yang lain.

Ye, memang ade unsur mengarut. Ayat pun mengarut. Haisy saya memang suka mengarut ade time2 nyer. Haha.

Ok, till meet again.

p/s: Sape2 nak kirim chocolate?? Saya berazam borong chocolate banyak2 kat Langkawi nanti. Eheh. ;p


KDEE said...

nk cekelat 1..hehehe..special taiu.f.o.c..bleh?hhihi

LaDy_ZeRa said...

boleh tuntut cpt within 1 week. kalau lamabt melepas....heheh

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