Tuesday, February 3, 2009

---{@ GuRL's BuSiNesS! ---{@

Hello peeps~

This is a story of a gurl's business.

First of all, thanks to ma dear fren Nadia for the sweet times cherished. N also the sweetest thing of u - thanx for treating me the Spa - that she told me it wus as for ma besday present - what a sweet blast present~ =) =) muasxs! ---{@

Smilin' all noon, I wuz damn excited meetin up with this close buddy of mine~

The last time we were together wuz about 3 months way back~ hey it quite some time huh?

N the good part of story is she's posting at Bangi (Maybank Training) starting diz week onwards until March - eventually she will be attached at any Maybank branch.

We have some walks n sight-seeing at Warta Bangi (not really a cool place to hang out anyway).

And we have some facial care n treatment at BioPearl Spa. It's included upper body masage (shoulder n upside)

She sponsor a part on this. Thanx Nadia =)

Yeah, n the strawberry choc waffle 2! ;>

Next week chill out again k buddy?


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