Friday, February 13, 2009

.:: The Celebration ::.

~My Recent Birthday Celebration~

@}--- Celebration 1 ---{@

Wif En. Pojie
Location: BBB
Time: Friday Feb 6th

Secret recipe, yummy!!

@}--- Celebration 2 - On the date of event ---{@

Wif beloved fam!
Location: Jusco Cheras Selatan
Time: Saturday Feb 7th
Venue: Rendang Opah Bistro

My bro Zizie and bro Azrie

Sis n Bro Happiness~

This photo shot took place in a boutique my mom stop by~huhu~

They are all cam craze infected by Me!

@}--- Celebration 3 ---{@

Wif beloved Aidah, my TCRS fren!
Location: Sunway Pyramid
Time: Sunday Feb 8th
Activities: Makan2, Ice-skating for hours, sight-seeing, jalan2, shopping kasut..

Hey this is actually going to be a reunion of TCRS gangpalz~ But at last minute 3 out 5 attendees cancel their attendance bcz of some unavoided matters.

Kak Rina have some family matters.

Joe and his free cancel bcz of the absence of Kak Rina consequencely. Perhaps he feel shy with us kot..haha no wonder la 3 years way back since we are not meeting each other.

He promised to come for the expect-to-no-last minute-cancellation reunion. orite, we'l see up next!

Eventually ter wuz only the 2 of us. Me and Aidah! But i betcha u it wuz the wonderful out for date! We did have the whole blast fun and fun moment!

And i'm missin' to skate on the ice again..

Before ice skating..

In the arena of ice..

See that excited Aidah?huu..

And the excited Azra too..

After the skating.. At the astaka..

There the people skating around here and there..

Cool huh??

Hey and I'm tellin' u secret.. we have bumped into sum1 very much well-known~ and the drama 2.. shhhh...i tell u it is a secret, so it is ok?? Secret!

@}--- Celebration 4 ---{@

Wif my dearest KMJ gang! Now we were reunite and always will..! =)
Location: The Mines
Time: Monday, Feb 9th
Activities: Makan2, movie-watching, Karaoke , jalan2, shopping..

We used to watch this movie - Pank Panther 2 - hey u shud watch this movie, i bet u will laugh all way the stories~ hheheh~

Comes to Makan Tyme!! Yummy!

Selected place for meal - Old Town!

Here we are..

Thanks to Huda for the cutest present! TQ, luv ya, muah!! ;)

-End of Stories-

Lady Azra@Zera

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