Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kena Tag #2 by Eexaa


I'v been tagged again!

This time by Eexaa~

Well, admit to be tagged.

Here you are.



#1. Copy the award to your page.

#2. Link the one who gave you the award.

#3. tell us 10 random things about you.

hey thanx buddy Eexaa for the cool award nominated to me.

so now 10 random things about me.

1) I hate hypocrite!

2) I eat a lot! Especially when I am dying hungry..

3) Choc craze babe!

4) I love black color and black figure even in contrast I'm fair! Love also red, pink, and purple and brown. Hey wut a combination!

5) I did and always stare down when I pass by a group of human so-called 'Men' for the case I don't even know he or them! No wonder i always been called as Sombong Girl. But not happens for those I know well.

6) I seldom turn back when I wuz juz stepping ahead. No turn back. What past is past. Be realistic to the present and future.

7) I always cry when it comes to Family matter, and somebody he! uh-oh, gosh, damn it!

8) I seldom express my anger but easily laugh out loud even for any simple joke.

9) I am an outdoor person. That's y i always go out every weekend even it hurts my legs bit much!

10) I have a dream. And the dream is mine. Me and only me know what the dream is about and also Him, God. He the only know it.


Hereby happily to tag;



-Kak Mona



KDEE said...

ohoho.cik azra.den dh jwb la tag ni.kna wat gak ke?hihi

LaDy_ZeRa said...

yeke da jwab?aiyo..xpe2 kalau kes ni nk jwb ley xnk jwb pn xpe..hoho~