Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MeiN NaMe EiSt AzRa~

All about me::

:: Nickname: Azra (among fRenz), Ina (among famiLy N' RelatiVes), Angah (amOng siBLings)
:: Other name: I got a lot designated several people..who r they?then u'l knoe!
:: Bday a.k.a My evEr sPeciAL day: 7 February eveRy yeAr!! (A wEek B4 V'TinEs)
:: SibLings: 5 (Along - Xee Hunt, Bro 1-Azizie, Bro 2-Azrie, Bro 3-Ajiq)
:: Daddy: Zakaria Md Alip
:: Mummy: Ramlah Ismail
:: School:: aiyaa..i made my own record to bein' schooled in many school..in total: 6. belieVe me!
:: HigheSt Institution: Bachelor Degree in Sc. Chemistry - Beloved UKM
:: Born Place: JohoRe
:: WheRe WerE GrEw uP: 1) AftEr Born till 4 Yrs Old - Kay EyL
2) 5 Yrs Old till 14 Yrs Old & 9 months - Sabah
(used to B in KK-Sndkn-KK:: in total 10 years!!)
3) 14 Yrs Old onWards till PresenT (today) - PutRajaYa & Kay EyL
:: My EveR FaV Fantastic Color: Black, Red, Pink, Oren and PurPle

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