Friday, November 14, 2008


Ayat-ayat cinta divided into 3..i lurVe all three!!

1) The Novel - This novel now became my no.1 most favourite book! Believe me when I say that this novel really inspired me and bring much effect on me. I always looking forward to read this novel chapter after chapter whenever I need to stop off for other daily task. See how this novel had bring me crazy!! If you wud like to have your own Ayat-ayat Cinta Novel, go to any bookstore and get 1 before out of stock! If you want to read this novel withing owning just click here

2) The Film/Movie - Very touching and affectable!I even watch it several times!! this movie down to heart (can even make you cry)! I love the role played by Fahri and Aisha~ bUT This Movie, even Though it Is adapted From Novel Ayat2 Cinta, But There's a sliGht Change in the caSting, Flow Of Story. The Novel Is much More interesting, Long-stoRy, and deTail.

3) The Song - It is fascinated!! Song by Rossa~ DownLoad Song Ayat-ayat Cinta

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Tunas Warisan Artisukma UKM said...

cerita ini memang ade menyentuh sanubari...hehe..