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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


mINyAK o MinYak..

SinCe Gov nAekKan OiL pRice, SumE orG jaDi Haru-BirU..EvEry1 has BeEn aFFecTed wIth ThIS mAtTer.. Tp bGusLa iF Gov AttEmpT to RedUce OiL prIce aCcorDiNgly VeRy SooN.. HoPe So La..

BdW, HeRe i HaVe some tiPs La How To RedUce The UsaGe of OiL when u R DriViNg aWaY.. ThIs aCCoRdIng to SomE TRuE FacT n I SumMarIze HeRe as beLow;

1) Dont make emergency brake.. in other words brake awal2 if you had seen any blocking object in front (traffic light, simpang, kereta depan yg nak berhenti). If you make emergency brake, kadar penggunaan minyak meningkat kerana perlu seimbang dengan perubahan momentum kereta yang nak berhenti secara tibe2.

2) Dont drive too speed. Huhu walaupun this way really dont bother me (I always drive too speed). Well, If you spEed up your car, pembakaran bahan api (petrol) juga akan meningkat. So that oil usage will increase.

3) Use Suitable Gear. If kita gune gear yg betol, oleh itu enjin takkan force untuk membakar minyak dengan cepat. Contohnya, if kita naek bukit, of course kne gune gear rendah. Tp if kita tak gune gear yg btol, so normally driver will force to speed up his/her car utk mengatasi gear yg x sesuai tu so that oil usage will increase proportionally. Oh yes, this tips only apply to manual car. Auto car ape susah, tekan minyak jalan la!heheh~

3) Try your best to avoid traffic light if there is any other alternative roadway. Why? Because when you need to stop everytime you see RED on the traffic light, this will waste your petrol oil. Do you know that each time you barke your care, there is a small percentage your oil being wasted out, and each time you start to move your car, the engine will burn the oil much higher when it burns during driving on the road. So if you meet a lot of traffic light along your pathway, there is an oil waste (during brake) and also high oil-burnt requirement (when start to move the car).

4) Kurangkan beban kereta anda. Semakin berat beban yang dibawa kereta anda, semakan banyak bahan api perlu dibakar untuk membolehkan kereta anda bergerak. So, jangan la bawak barang berat2 dlm kereta anda k?

So, GUYS. THINK Carefully. Plan Your Way. Drive Carefully. Be a well-mannered driver.

Pesanan Khidmat Masyarakat ini dibawakan oleh Azra =)