Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Pass The ExaM!! Alhamdulillah..

On Monday, Nov 4th 2008 I clicking on my PC keyboard.I simply wondering whether the PTD's exam were out. Entering my IC no. and pressing enter button, I was amazed with the word displayed on the screen. I pass the exam!! I am speechless for couples of minutes. Unbelievable bcz to pass this exam is not that easy! Lotza people used to passed the exam after several times repeating the exam. Thank God! Alhamdullillah for ur bless and chance to me. I asked severals of fren who I know had taken the same exam on 23 August 2008 as well as me. All failed. Miracle! Why me? I just so thankful to Allah and congratulate myself for being blessed for this. Congrat Azra!

Bdw, here's the first terminal. It is a long journey to go. I still have another 2 milestone before I can really been declared as PTD.
1) After this those who pass the exam has to go for assessment centre for 3 days. There, they will assess us based on several criteria.

2) N' those who passed the assessment centre will be called for interview. If you pass this interview, then u are the real selected PTD.

Well, I really2 happy for my exam triumph. But I confess to feel nervous for the next assessment. Who would it be? N.. I'm in dilemma afterwards bcz I look my life upfront after this in 3 ways (this is wut I wish + look + plan for):

1) Further my Master (this is my really ambition..kill me babe!)
2) The PTD
3) Stay at where I am - (I love my job now becz the environment, frenz, flexibility, and trust of people towards what I am doing..)

Whateva it is, I'l try my best for this PTD assessment. Gudluck Azra!

Families N' Buddies..Pray for Me!!N Allah please show the the right path to go.


Anonymous said...

just nk inform...
awak ptd same ngan saya kt bkt kiara..
tp yg i denga citer, right now diorg dah x buat 3 ari..
diorg just buat 1 day only utk ptd asesment ni..

IRA (kibosh8@yahoo.com) said...

hi azra,

my PAC is on 13th december at INTENGAH... like u said, one day only... luckily it's on a saturday coz cuti i dah habis huhu. nanti pls share your PAC experience with me yek...

all the best for your PAC on 11/12/08 :) Moga2 u dpt advance to the interview stage, insyaAllah!! :)