Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goodbye DICT

Dear readers,

Less than 3 days left before I leave DICT.

It's a very strong mixture feeling.

Extremely strong!

The worst extreme, I feel so sad for leaving this cheer of DICT community, frankly speaking.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

Rasa berat hati sangat2 nak tinggalkan my friends and all the peeps here.

But ironically, till now i am still acting and doing like nothing's going on.

I work on my big work load as usual.

And I started update my work task, n preparing anything to be left.

Even though I look so normaL and casual, deep down to my heart, I feel so-so-so reluctant and SAD to the most!

I smile to my frens with a melancholy hard feelings inside me.

I am going to leave all this!!

That's my upmost feeling. Number 1 feeling.

Number 2.

A feel of excitement.

Because I am just moving towards my dreamt job - the PTD.

Number 3.

But, despite of all that excitement feeling, I feel quite tremulous and throbbing of waiting for this 24th.

Exciting, but throbbing, full of suspense!

Becuz on this Friday 24th April I will know of where I will be posted to - at which ministry.

I feel so nervous in excitement to meet some Big Person of the nation (the Public Servant for real) and some of to-be-met PTDian fellow friends - by whom I get knew from the PTD forum and such.

I feel so enthusiastic and a dim suspense to become someone important in the nation - for the rest of my ages.

To step in the group of PTDians.

Say hello to the new career - PTD.


Hardest Goodbye to dear friend; Ayu, Tina, Kak Wan, Yana.

And the rest of DICT.

Thanks for all supports and cheers.

Gonna miss u all!

(Hard to say Good Bye)

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---


tna said...

alaaaaa so sad...
kenang daku dlm doamu tau tau...
alaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tak beshhh nyer ....:(

LaDy_ZeRa said...

huhu..i lg sdey...

huar...sedey sangat nie...

Xa, S. said...


KDEE said...

alalala..jgn cdey2..nti jmpa kawa baru..kwn tu kn macam ombak.dtg pergi dlm hidup.huhu

LaDy_ZeRa said...

thnx~ =)

thnx for the inspiration! =)

Puteri Mona said...

gud luck ye kat tempat baru nti. Jgn sedey2 InsyaAllah...everythings will be fine. I know u can manage it very well. Jumpa kawan baru yg lama usah dilupa :). muahs

tHe anIMateD bIJaN said...

mmber sy pun dpt ptd. dia pun dh gerak tggalkan kitorang kt cni. dia pun dah nangis just x banjir je lg. huhu~

xpe. cepat or lmbat kita kna mlangkah jugak =D

chill keh

LaDy_ZeRa said...

kak mona,
thnx a lot! (T_T) *sad*
gonna miss u and all!
n i wont forget u all!

huhu, sedey la.
yup idup mesti diteruskan..