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Monday, April 6, 2009

Cerita AF7 - Live in Concert

For the 4th concert of AF7, saya berpeluang untuk tengok konsert live. At first, quite excited gak la, coz biasa tengok on TV je, but this time I manage to watch each of the AF student perform their song lively.

For this live concert, I go with Tina n Norul. Ayu go with her bro, SIL n younger sister. And eventually we met there, and sit quite near to each other.

Taken place at Dewan Seri Putra, Bukit Jalil, we arrive at around 8.00 pm. Konsert start 9.oo pm. Before masuk hall we all makan pape yang patut kat luar hall, cz once da masuk dalam hall, makan2 is not allowed okay.

Oh yes, while being in the hall gak, photo shoot is strictly not allowed especially during on air. Bdw, before konsert start sempat gak I ambil gambar atmosphere in the hall. And mase tengah live pun, selamba gak I curi2 snap pic the view of the hall. hehe.

Ok, mari layan gambar2 ni!

Condition dalam hall, sangat havoc N' happening. Ruih dengan suara2 penyokong2 pelajar2 AF yang buat persembahan.

And paling gamat when CT Nurhaliza n Amy Search stepped in the hall, these 2 artist just waving their hands to the fans.

Dato' CT sangat comey and lawa giler kalau tengok live, compared to when she was in the TV. Actually this my 2nd time to see CT in real. And she is absolutely beautiful!

Ops, sory tak sempat nak snap gambar Dato' CT. Maybe sebab excited tengok CT dat y terlupa camera di tangan. hehe.

-Tina n' Norul-

-Norul n Me-

pehal ni wok?

Havoc N' happening~

Before balik, amek lagi gambar the hall dari atas.

After the concert~

All in all, I enjoyed very much the experience! =)

P/s: Tapi sangat2 tak puas hati Zizi terkeluar konsert ke-4 ni! :( Sepatutnya Qhaud yang keluar sebab Zizie jauh lebih bagus dari Qhaud, n even lagi bagus and berbakat dari Aishah. Nak wat camne rezeki Zizie sampai sini saja. Tapi tak puas hati ngan Astro, sepatutnya biar la seorang je yang tersingkir. Haih~

Oh ya, cam biasa. AFUNDI ISMA n ARIL!! =) =)

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---


Just call me Miss Gump said...

tgk live? jelesnye... kalaulah melaka 2 minit je nk ke kl..

LaDy_ZeRa said...

huhu..dtg la weekend ble2 lepak KL, tengok hafiz perform live.. =)

tifanaiz said...

go HAFIZ!!!

LaDy_ZeRa said...


Hafiz is a very potential student..

AyureQ said...

go ayu go!

afundi ayu~

ops~! ;p

LaDy_ZeRa said...

orite..afundi AYU

type AFUNDI AYU hantar ke 33333...