Monday, April 13, 2009

Cerita AF7 - 5th Concert

This week, for the 5th concert, Sidi unfortunately has being eliminated. At first, I bet Qhaud the one that is gonna leave the academy, since I can see among those left in the academy, he was not that well to remain further in times. He’s in a way, clinging around his own plain zone. Not much viability nor improvement. So-so, I can say. Furthermore, he gained the lowest percentage of AFUNDI right before the concert starts.

Again, he was safe. For the 2nd time he’s survived from somehow people might been voting him the to the max at the very last minute that nite.

Yes, Sidi also not that well to makes him remain in the academy but at least he’s much better than Qhaud, I bet. He own a very soft-unique-good tone (I believe this), but his problem was he still not masters his whole vocal, he need to improve and colorize his singing and know how to project his tone n voice.

Bdw, past is past. That’s it. Keputusan Muktamad. Titik.

As usual, Hafiz performed his best performance. We know that, he’s awesome.

And, the performance I love most was from Isma who featured to her Hubby, Zul 2by2. Zul appearance is one big surprise to Isma, tambah2 lak the nite was their 11th anniversary.

And they performed the very sweet and romantic performance , I love it very much till I can even feel the loves and mutual of the song. Feel the loves deliver to each of them. Walaupun suda 11 tahun kawen, their romantic macam baru2 bercinta. So sweet, I lyke..

But, I just couldn’t understand when Aliff Aziz surprisingly appears on the stage (as the duet to Aishah) when he put on the necklace on Aishah and feed her a punch of cheese muffin. Couldn’t get it for real. What a puzzling drama. Nway, wuteva la kannn..

Apapun, Aril memang sempoi. Scooter Pink and Bantal Busuk ar wok! Stay cool Aril.

The story ends here, will update some more later.

Macam biasa, AFUNDI ISMA n AFUNDI ARIL. And say ur (and me too) support to AKIM and HAFIZ too. ;D

Pen off.

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---

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