Monday, March 30, 2009

DICT Farewell Party

Maybe, this was my last moment capture with all of you~

Well, this is happened last week (Weddie), a farewell party for 3 staffs of ICT Fund Section, DICT who have left DICT with their own reason respectively. Taken place at Putrajaya Lake Club, there were 13 of us in this party.

This party is fully sponsored by Pn.Normala, the big boss.

Lets has a gaze into several pictures here;

- The menu -
(sangat banyak okeh, feel like the stomach goin' bombarded)

-Yang diraikan: Kak Ita (dah kurus mama ni)-

-Happy-go-lucky Kak Wan-

-We eat too much!-

There's Pn.Normala-





Ya, I reckon this is the last moment we are altogether. Eat together round a big circle table. I will keep this forever in my mind, my memory.

Thanks for supporting each other, and thanks for being there for me.

Who's next will take the ride shipping away the beach?

I will, It's me~


With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---


tna said...

aawat entry nih sedey....
thanks u soo much dear...
gud lucks ..i know u can do it..
g tmpt br..jumper org br..jgn luper kitorg tau..tau..

LaDy_ZeRa said...

hehe, sure i won't forget all of u~

tq for all good and best moment we cherished together~

AhmadFaiz said...

dah kurang org kuat mosti...

LaDy_ZeRa said...

huhu, kuat ker?bese jer..

isk2, sdey nie..