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Friday, March 27, 2009



Last week, I got an invitation for my best fren engagement event..

My best buddy, Hazwani Amir is getting engaged! I'm so so happy for her..

Wani ialah kawan saya during high school at Science Selangor Sec. School. Classmate masa form3 till form5. Mase form4, became my room mate. Then masuk satu matrik kat KMJ - same lecture lagi. =)

Wani ni orang pertama yang tegur aku and bawa aku gi kelas baru time Nite Prep. Time tu baru transfer to Sc Sel from SMESH Sabah. Dat is the most thing I remember bout this nice fren of mine.

And she with her mom n sister ade datang lawat my mom mase my mom deliver my youngest bro. From that day, her family and my family become close.

N last week she text me a message invite me and my family to come to her engagement.

Happy sangat akhirnya Wani akan bertunang dengan her prince charming - Juwe a.k.a Izuwansyah.

Well, Juwe pun my school fren gak. He wuz my classmate during form4 and form5.

Nway happy for both of you, I'l pray for your happiness~ =)

(p/s: sorry aku curik gambar ko kat frenste ;p)


Semalam ade mesej2 ngan my ex-rumet time first year kat Kolej Rahim Kajai, UKM.

And i got this 1 happy news. My rumet tu, Kak Azwa dah pregnant 3month. Sangat2 happy dengar this news.

Kak Azwa ni was married in last December 2008. And i'v attend her wedding.

N now sonoknya dengat Kak Azwa jadi becoming mother..

Aku doakan Kak Azwa selamat mengandung 9 bulan n selamat bersalin. Aminn~

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---

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