Monday, March 30, 2009


Tq to all frens for the congrat wish, those who share their happiness n pray for my success in the future.

And now, I am waiting for the offer letter from JPA. Tapi dalam bulan 4 ni, suda tade kt cni lagi - i mean here at Mosti.

;'( ~Sadness overwhelming~

Tapi ade kwan yang tenangkan saya, 'Setiap yang datang akan pergi'~

Yea, btol tu. Thank you fren.

Come on, cheer up azra, u are going for ur future, for your sake, u are leaving for good~


Pecaya pade rezeki. Ini rezeki n masa depan kamoo~

And 1 thing for sure, bcz i'v been offer this new challenging job, so that, I have to postpone my intention to further my master to several years afterwards~

Sepatutnya i have to register this July 2009 (itu pun after postpone from last December intake). But now, i'm sure i am not goin' to further my master dalam masa terdekat ni. Tunggu la after few years service with gov ni, then when everythin' settled down, insyaAllah i will further my master. Time tu dah boleh apply under JPA. Cuti belajar,tapi gaji still boley jalan, and JPA boley support the cost of study.

Hurm, very well-far ahead-thoghtful planning~ Hanya berdoa semoga perancangan hidup dimakbulkan Tuhan.

What ever it was n will be, i will alwasys and keep cherish everything n my life.

Thank God for still keep me breathin' in this life..

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---

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