Monday, March 23, 2009

YM oh YM

Off lately, I got some [not really] complaint or in more soft word; the notification from few of my friends tellin' that I did not respond to their message or IM at my Yahoo Messenger (YM) even tho' I was online that time.

They asked my why I kept silent when they text me an introduction message. Claimed i was 'sombong' la, 'taknak kawan' la, n so on~


Dear fren,
I neva ignore any private or personal message from any of my fren, even tho' I'v been trapped in business, but I neva failed to respond to any incoming message. Walaupun sangat2 bz, tp i try my best to serve u right.

Like yesterday, my fren Harry Stamper cakap why i was so sombonk and din' reply any of his message at last Sunday. But hey? The truth is i'm not online on last SUnday, the whole day. Even not for past 3 days back.

So how cud he said I am online and the worse is I am not responding to his PM? Dalam hati I kata, takkan antoo kot.

But this case same goes to few fren of mine too. Tak la ramai, few je. BUT. Aisey..camne ni ley jadi?

What's on earth is going on with this? Takkan ade orang yang use my account, or takkan my account could somehow-i-have-no-idea-why automatically signed on? Hisy, sound creepy huh!

The dude Harry make some assumption that it might because of the Spam Message. Oh it could be so, I guess.

So frens,
In case you see me in your YM list, and I'm not respond to your PM, there was maybe a slight problem there. And maybe it's a Spam Message. Or is this a sign that YM is getting an explained problem.

Ok, take note here that I will only and always respond to these group of people;

1) Kawan2 saya - lama dan baru, no matter who U are as long as u are my fren
2) Orang yang kenal saya dan saya kenal die

And i won't respond to these people;

1) Anonymous - people I don't know
2) People I hate
3) People who 1st time PM me but didn't introduce him/herself
4) People who talk harsh thing
5) People who talk nonsense
6) People I want to get away with

Dear fren, as long as u r my fren, i will always keep in touch with you - applicable for YM, FS, FB and Blog.

Sorry kalau lately ada yang tak terlayan. Bcz quite busy nowadays.

Whatever it you guys will always be my fren, forever k?

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---

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