Sunday, July 5, 2009

~MaRriAgE MaTtEr~

First thing first,

Congratulation to my fren Ayu upon her decision for a marriage on this coming December with her soulmate,Thareq.

This decision come up last 2 week and when I was informed on this, I am speechless happy! :D

I am shocked of it because it was so sudden. BUT, I am too happy for this news! I am happy for you Ayu. Terharu sket ade kawan nak kawen da. U know that feeling rite at the moment I was kidding with my 'fake' marriage/engagement.Huu~

But, it's a very wise decision U've made dear. Because it's the right time. U'r deserve to marry since Ur relationship is much much stable and strong enough and it's time to move to the next step, to tie a knot, to merge into one, to build a paradise with more concrete. (^_^)

But Ayu dear, U are married at a very young age. But I know U've made the best decision, U have planned for a very precise and organised plan in the future - as U always dream for. =)

Talk about wedding, there'r several factors this gurlfren of mine are eligible to get married:

1) She has built a very long yet strong relationship with her hubby wannabe.
2) She always dream and wish for this happiness moment.
3) She had already planned for it these days - even when I am with her, she always talk about marriage and future happy life with her boyie. ;)
4) She had prepare herself mentally for a wedding and a fulltime life commitment - this is most important!
5) She is matured enough - this is also important! Yea, I can see her maturity to become a wife.
6) She has all prepared and ready for her to get married - financially, environment, etc.
7) She had a full support from her family.
8) Her hubby wannabe is much ready enough to marry her.
9) They are loving each other too much they should complete this into a sacred tie and long-lasting relationship.
10) She is pretty to get married and become someone's wife. Yes dear, u'r so pretty and will become more pretty for this. =)

And me, there'r a lot of contras apart from all above, that's the reason why I am not into a marriage in a very short time;

1) I am not matured enough - I am still like a toddler, saya Si Budak Kecik. hee~
2) Not stable enough - in several ways.
3) Kena kumpul duit dulu.
4) Belum sampai masanya kot. Haha.
5) Coz..I'm not ready at all!! LOL. ;p

To me, nak kawen mesti berdebar-debar. We have to set our mind that we are moving into a totally different lifestyle. We are engaged to someone. We gona have a big commitment. Uish, takut ma nak kawen dalam masa terdekat ni. I even still in my cooking improvement, still learning to handle house matter, etc.

So, saya sangat2 tabek pada Ayu for her readiness and willingness to get married so suddenly. She only got few months to prepare for her wedding, but I know she manage to handle all that.

Goodluck to her and congratulation for her becoming wedding, I'l be there with you on your historical day.


With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---


AyureQ said...

Alamak alamak...malu i..:D


thanks azra..adeyh sedey pulak bace.. azra stil ingt kat ayu eyh..terharu terharu~ :'D

windu azra...

thanks for everything dear... so far everything goes well...

stil xsangka nk tawen december ni =p

LaDy_ZeRa said...

azra lg la x sngka ayu nk kawen da..kawanku mau kawen da!huarr~~

mestila i still n wl owez ingt kamoo ayu..

gudluck kawen k..syoknye!

tna said...

beshhnyer mau kwin dh ayu kn..
mau kwin jugak..
nnt leh dpt special dedicated entry...hihiihh...
miss u laa babe...

LaDy_ZeRa said...

hehe, cpt2 la decide kawen..nnt i wat special dedicated entry gaks..

nway biler nk kawen nie hunny?