Sunday, July 5, 2009

I think I am fat (Am I?)

I don't know whether it's just my illution, my perception,my suspicious or whateva the hack spoilt feelings i feel now.

But, I think I am fat. To be exact, not as thin as I am before. That's wut I feel.

But I just can't get it, when people keep saying,

'No, u'r not fat!u're just okay!'
'Azra dear, ko kurus ar..'
'Ko kata ko gemok?Klaka r beb, ko kurus je'
'U'r just look okay with u'r size now.u'r not fat okay'


Why people around me always claimed me as 'TAK GEMOK'.

They lied, I guess. But hello me, it was everybody saying u'r not fat. So U'R NOT FAT ok.

I weigh myself, but no weight increment. But why do I look fat from my ordinary look, I think.

A friend of mine told me 'Dear, it's just ur illution bcz U always obsess of ur own body, U r worried too much if U getting fat even an inch.'

Oh really?Is that so?


I admit I always be caution of my physical look. My appearance. My inner and outside look. My everything. Does it means I am too obsessed of my own body? Hey, people have to, rite? We have to take care of ourself - an being obsessed of our own body means we are taking care of our own body, and health as well.


Hurm, the 'I think I am fat' perception whirling me now and then. After 3 weeks outstation and courses.

Can u imagine staying at hotels and course centre for 3 weeks consecutively - having buffet with plenty of foods and sweetened drinks - the food U know, it were all non-healthy, with fat, or colestrol, too much sugar, additive etc.


I planned for a continous exercise (even small session), I want to start putting on healthy diet.
And for that, I need people favor. Can you please, all peeps around me don't drag me or even ask me into having any non-healthy food ok?


Sekian, Terima Kaseh!

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera


kdee said...

good luck...hihi

LaDy_ZeRa said...



tna said...

chaiyokkk chaiyokkk!!
mari kiter ber-exercise togehter2...
jom g gym kt persint9!!!

LaDy_ZeRa said...

gym ctu slaloo penuh,

wat self-gym kt umah je la..

jom2 kite exercise! =)