Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rindu Menulis

Aku Rindu Menulis.



But times always limited.

Wat to do.

My life a bit transformed la. But I bahagia (LOL).

I lost most updates in here. Mine and yours.

But no worries I'l neva stop writing becuz its my passion.

Rite, Azra?

ok2, sila teruskan penulisan anda sayang.


Goodbye Jacko.

Semoga bersemadi dengan tenang, King of Pop - Michael Jackson.

Our world of entertainment had lost 1 big icon n 1 big star. Jacko in Memories~


I'm back.

Now what all I want is enuf rest n peace - body n soul.

But, just the next couple of days I will travel again.

This month my calendar is full with lotza agendas.

15-18 June -> KK, Sabah
22-25 June -> Kluang, Johor
30 June - 2 July -> Penang

After these hectic agendas - I want to take leave!


KK Snapsots.



I will write again and again.

p/s: Happy 'belated' father's day to all fathers especially my dad. Bdw, i've wish verbally on last 21st June but now i wanna dedicate here.

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---

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