Friday, August 14, 2009

Because of H1N1

Mama don't allow me to go out tomorrow.

But I really want to. I've make deal with a fren of mine.

I know mama just worry on me, her beloved daughter. And mama is right. In nowadays condition hey u know it the H1N1 la, people better stay and rest at home and lessen as much as possible any outdoor activity and avoid to go to such places with a crowd of people.

Thanks Mama for being a good mother and for taking care of me so much.

But I have to go out for that business I've plan. Both Sat and Sun, even though I've told myself to not to go outside, I have that awareness tho~

And I promise to take care of myself very2 well, I'l wear mask (haha-iye2 jek) and get into those wut-so-eva prevention and precaution attempt.

And mama, thank you for understand me. I know u love me and I love you too - so so much! Do pray for me that I'l always gain the healthiness and stay cutez. Hehe.

Sayang Mama.

p/s: This entry is such no point - just an insight of me. =)

With Love, ---{@ Lady Zera @}---


kdee said...

pkai mask!

LaDy_ZeRa said...