Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Last Day at DICT - photo snap

After 2 weeks delay, finally i able to upload some pictures of mine at my very last day at DICT.

Here are the pictures;
=== Hari2 terakhir saya at DICT ===
=== Cyber n Kak Wan ===
=== Kak Wan n Ayu ===
=== Kak Ira ===
=== Ayu ===

=== Me n Tina ===

== Kak Zura n Kak Wan ===

=== Kak Wan ===

=== Aweks DICT ===

=== This is ex-my boss and Yana ===

AT the very last day too my boss treat us for lucnh meal for my farewell.

Location: Noodle Station, Alamanda

Tq to Puan Mala yang sponsor kami.. =)

p/s: Pejam celik, dah lebih 2 minggu saya tinggalkan DICT.

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---


Anonymous said...

oh noo... beshnye tgk gambo nih.. huhuhu.. sedey... azra, thanx sgt2 psl azra bantu kak wan.. adoi.. fenin jugak yer..?

LaDy_ZeRa said...

huhu fenin ye jaga sc fund?takpe, u'l be ok nnt..

thnx gk kak wan sbb byk tlg azra..rindu nye kt korang...