Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mama Off for Canada

Dear readers...

How do u do?Me ok..

Well, before this I neva write anything in this blog about my eldest sis.huhu

Bukan taknak cite, tapi my sis takde ngan me and even not in Malaysia. she's been in Canada and will come back very soon. Yay! Suke!

And esok, my Mama will take her flight off for Canada (transit at London) to attend my sis graduation day. Mama will go together with Auntie Munah, Kak Rima's mother. Kak Rima is my sister coursemate + housemate + close fren in Canada. And she also happened to be the sister of my ex-classmate during past secondary school.

Oh, I am goin' to miss my Mama for this 2 weeks, BUT my lil youngest bro AJIQ will miss her the worst! Because he is the closest (no wonder la because he's the youngest,hee) n paling manja ngan my Mama.

Oh and this 2 weeks also, I think I'l mess up my days a little bit. Hehe. Ya la, I've to become temporary 'mother' to my bros. Kne masak, kemas rumah, layan adik2, etc..

But that's not such big matter. The thing is, I don't how to handle with my bro Ajiq if he merengek want to be with Mama. Terpaksa la melayan die macam raja, belanja makan sedap2, bawak jejalan, beli mainan etc..huu

I hope Ajiq will going to be fine the whole 2 weeks Mama are leaving us.

And saya berdoa pada Ilahi semoga perjalanan Mama n Auntie Munah selamat. Selamat sampai ke destinasi. And Ya Allah mudah2an mereka dijauhkan segala yang tidak baik. Mudah2an mereka sihat2 n baik2 sahaja di sana. Aminn Ya Rabbal Alamin..

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---


azhari azmi said...

oh ade sis in canada. nice.

LaDy_ZeRa said...


Anonymous said...

sabarla yer.. nk wt cmne.. praktis make perfect..t tawla nk hnadle r wal tga.. hehhe.. all d best yaaa..ayu da dpt ank sdare bru arini.. boyzz

LaDy_ZeRa said...

ayu: wow, congrat! mesti besh da dpt first ank buah!huu