Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Come Back

Helo every1..

Ya, it’s a very long time since i didn’t write here in my blog.

And I already missed that.

But now, I’m back! Wee huu~~~ (^_^)

Where I’v been??

Now I tell u that I am away for the PTD Induction Course. This course is a compulsory module for the new batch PTD of the new intake.

Where and when? It was taken place at INTAN Wilayah Selatan (IKWAS) at Kluang, Johor from the 4th till 8th May 2008. But I was there since the nite of May 3rd.

I will write some stories of this piece of my walk-of-life in others post. Wait for that ya.

For now, I am gonna write some of my pending blog lists. Ha-ha. Pending for publication since previous 2 weeks. Here are the lists;

[x] My farewell lunch with boss n colleagues
[x] DICT bowling tournament – I gather back with beloved colleagues
[x] My farewell gifts – Thanks to everyone
[x] Out with Nadeah
[x] Wani Engagement
[x] Kursus Induksi PTD - story will be posted soon

Babes, u just click on the title or scroll down and read the posts below this entry.

Thank You for reading.

Take care.


Mood of today: Okay. Loking forward to know where I will be posted to in tghis new minstry. Looking forward to know my scope of job.

With Love,
---{@ Lady Azra@Zera @}---

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