Sunday, October 4, 2009


Oh I miss something.

I realize something.

Sudah lama I tak ber'blogging'.


Something lah!

Oh I miss my blog. This lovess blog of mine.

I'l keep on wrinting, yeah I will. Just let the time set us free. Free for a bulk of masterpiece.

Yeah, will come out with new masterpiece.

Oh I love blogging.

Nanti I update you all okay.

Banyak mahu cerita ini.

Sekarang I mahu tido dulu. Penat. Nak rehat.

With Love, ---{@ Lady Zera @}---


tna said...

azra ...
bukan takmo bgtau ...
tna dh bgtau kt blog..
sowie laaa...preparation less than a week..
need to settle everything ...
sowie tau...

LaDy_ZeRa said...

huhu..sokay dear..i understand..dun worry..hepy u've been engaged.. :)