Monday, February 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Dear all..long tyme no c larh kan! N now.......i'm back. :)
Its been a long long tyme since I havent jot down ere. Lame sungguh. Lame x singgah my beloved bloggie nih. Well in fact itz 2 much to write around ere, too much to share. Rinduu. Sgt2 rinduu.

Well, saya menyepikan diri wat sekalian lamanye, its for reason. Actly I do have lotza stories and thoughts but I MISSED to share it here. Times take me to c n think, to cheer n rest, to smile n get better.

Thank You Allah for keep me the right way, the right intuition.


Well, m hoping so much that I nevva late to wish u guys A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 (even though its already feb hehe). may this year wil b a great2 year..

And..also. Hepy BESDAY 2 ME. Thanks mom me had gimme a born to this world.

"Dear Allah, I wished for greater happiness, success, calmness, strength, luck, gud health, God-blessing n all gud things in my life, for the years ahead.. May all my dreams cum true..aminnnnn.. " (>_<)

With Love,
Lady Zera


kdee said...

welcome back azra!

LaDy_ZeRa said...

thnx kdee! :)

folo me ya ^^