Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's really a Surprise!

Yesterday afta work, tibe2 my colleagues ajak makan ramai2. Weehuu! I suke sangat coz da lame we all tak makan ramai2 like dat. But at first, I guess it's juz a normal eat-together-event.

But rupa2nye, ada udang di sebalik mee.
Oh-ho. It's really a surprise babe!

Rupa2nye they all plan for my surprise besday celeb. Whoaa. Saya sangatttt terharu. But am so happy! Taken place @ Johnny's Alamanda with presence of the Blueberry Secret Recipe Cake (yummy!!), we really enjoyed it!

Thanks to all that involve. Muahh! Well, picta belum upload lagi, will upload some time later.

Masuk ni kali ke-3 saya diraikan besday! =) And will be coming soon, with old fellas/buddies yang tak sempat nak clebrate on event date. Thanx to mereka2 sume! :)

Sorry again this entry written with no photos. I will upload some photos on my birthday event (not much photos actually) when the right time comes.

Till then, take care peeps~~ :D

With Love,
---{@ Lady Zera @}---

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